5 Signs Your Contractor Isn’t The One


Relationships can sometimes be difficult and stressful. Your relationship with your contractor should not be. A trustworthy, reliable and competent contractor is a real catch; one who is undependable, shady or incapable of completing the job will leave heartache and headaches in the wake.

Here are five signs that you should keep searching for the right one:

  • Poor communication. Consider it a red flag when a contractor doesn’t return calls, misses or arrives late for appointments, or does not communicate well. If this happens before work begins, it will most definitely happen once the job is in progress.
  • Lack of experience. The right contractor provides references, as well as relevant certifications and awards. All workers are adequately trained and educated. They have a clear understanding of safety precautions and come fully equipped on the first day of work.
  • Payment up front. Never pay in full up front. While a deposit may be required to begin work in some situations, it should not be more than half of the total estimated cost. A clearly defined payment schedule should be included in the contract and should be discussed to clear up any questions or concerns.
  • Commitment issues. A detailed, written quote and a clear contract are essentials these days. Avoid any contractor who refuses to seal the deal in writing.
  • Sloppy, messy work. Make it a point to check references. Expect contractors to keep the work area as clean as possible, for both safety reasons and for your comfort. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, fixtures should be new and of high quality; cutting corners is unacceptable.

Be aware of these signs before the contract is signed. In the end, taking the time to search for the right contractor is much easier and less costly than dealing with a messy breakup in the middle of a job, or later coping with the consequences of a poorly done job.

If you’re searching for the right electrical contractor, Branham Electric meets all the qualifications. Our highly trained and experienced team provides the best quality work while maintaining a safe environment. Throughout each project, we communicate clearly with everyone involved. We have numerous references for commercial and residential work. We have also won many awards for going above and beyond to provide the best service in the St. Louis Area for more than 25 years. Contact us today at 636-926-2001 to learn more.



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