Branham Employee Spotlight: Mark Depker

Branham Electric is blessed with a truly amazing team of hardworking professionals. From time to time, we will introduce you to members of our team. Though these individuals don’t seek the spotlight, we love sharing our people, all of who are dedicated to providing amazing service to you.

This week, our Employee Spotlight shines on Mark Depker. Mark is one of our highly qualified journeyman electricians, and has worked for Branham for about a year and a half.

As an electrician, Mark is living his childhood dream. He grew up right here in the St. Louis area. From a very young age, he was fascinated with the light switches and would switch them on and off repeatedly. He remembers that his grandfather would often bring home discarded items from his place of employment, where electrical materials were sold. He would show Mark how the various items worked and how they were put together. Mark was fascinated and this time with his grandfather became a favorite pastime. No one was surprised that after his graduation from Lutheran South, he chose to train to be an electrician.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys working on his house, spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends. He enjoys funny movies, especially older comedies like Airplane and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. He appreciates all types of music, and his first concert ever attended was Twenty One Pilots, which happened only a couple of years ago. His favorite food is pasta.

If Mark could choose any superpower, he would choose the ability to freeze time. He also considered the superpower of x-ray vision, which would be helpful in diagnosing electrical problems inside a wall – fortunately, we have specialized equipment for that, as well as the expertise of our team. Until those superpowers develop, Mark is very happy in his job with Branham. He enjoys his time with his coworkers; he states that the guys like to joke around and give each other a hard time.

We are so glad to have Mark on our team. Thank you, Mark, for all you do.

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