Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are a definite plus for drawing new tenants to multi-family/apartment communities today. As an Ameren Missouri Trade Ally, Branham Electric is your one-stop-shop for a turnkey installation. (Branham Electric was acquired by Suburban Electrical Services in 2022.) Plus, we’ll coordinate all Ameren Missouri incentive requirements making sure you get a great installation, price, and we secure Ameren’s best incentives/rebates.


As many are realizing, today’s electric vehicles have many benefits –

  • Fueling an EV is about half the cost of petroleum-powered cars.
  • EVs have no tailpipe emissions in electric mode and almost 50% less NOX emissions, even when including electric generating emissions.
  • Many EVs do not require gasoline and can be charged at home with a standard 120V outlet. A level 2 charger (240V outlet similar to a dryer) can also be installed for faster charging at home or work.
  • Electric cars are fun and exciting to drive with smooth and instate acceleration and require less maintenance, saving drivers up to $1,200 annually.
  • Average EV range is between 175-220 miles today and continuing to rise with some vehicles offering 300+. The average daily commute is 30 miles which is easily done numerous times with most EVs before needing a charge. Most drivers will charge every day at home or work so this is never a worry.

If you are considering an electric vehicle, you will want to check out Ameren Missouri’s electrical vehicle facts. Ameren currently has electric vehicle incentives available which often equal 50% of your total electric vehicle charging station(s) cost. To learn more call Branham by Suburban Electrical Services (314) 426-3900 to see what we can secure for you.

Whether you have a new apartment project or an existing apartment community, electric vehicle charging stations are definitely on today’s leasees’ must have list. Branham by Suburban Electrical Services is your EV specialist. 

Click here to learn more about energy efficiency and all Ameren Missouri incentives.


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