Why Electrical Wiring Isn’t a DYI Project

As we all know, home repairs can be costly. For many of us, it makes sense to fix certain problems ourselves saving both time and money. Repairing a torn screen or oiling a squeaky door are items that most of us can fix with little risk. Electrical wiring, however, isn’t a DYI project. In fact, electrical wiring mistakes can be downright dangerous. Here are four reasons to always call a licensed electrician.

Safety ― The number one concern with electrical wiring is safety. If you do not have electrical training and knowledge of best safety practices, you have a huge risk of electric shock. Faulty wiring is also a fire hazard and puts your home at risk long after you finish the wiring project. Professional Electricians are not only trained in the latest industry practices, but on local codes and requirements that must be met when wiring a residential dwelling.

Licensing ― If you live in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, it is not legal for unlicensed individual to perform electrical installation and/or repairs. Besides legal troubles, these requirements are in place to ensure your safety.

There’s also insurance issues. If your DIY wiring isn’t up to code and isn’t covered by a permit, you may not be able to get your home insured. And, if you do the wiring without permits, your homeowner’s insurance may not have to pay your claim. Plus, when selling your home, the buyer often requires documentation that any electrical upgrades have been completed by a licensed electrical contractor with inspections completed per code requirements. In the end, you may end up paying fines. Some licensing authorities even make homeowners pull out their own wiring and hire a licensed electrical contractor to do the work again, the correct way.

Proper Equipment ― One aspect of safe electrical repair is having the right tools. What you thought was a quick fix may actually become an extensive problem. Securing the correct equipment to fix a problem can become incredibly expense. And in today’s world, actually securing the tool(s) may be difficult. Licensed electrical contracting companies more than likely already have the proper gear, thus eliminating all of your stress and headaches.

Quality ― Your home is your investment, and you want to take care of it. With items like plumbing, electrical and HVAC, it often makes more sense to admit that we don’t have the expertise that it takes to work on these systems. Calling the professionals is generally your best option.

Highly trained electricians have the ability to quickly recognize the root of an issue. They have the skills, materials, and tools necessary to solve your problems fast. Most licensed contractors guarantee their work,  saving you future headaches.

When electrical wiring issues arise, one call to Branham Electric ensures,

  • We’re there when you need us.
  • You get the job done right every time.
  • You always receive honest, professional service at competitive prices.

Since we’re discussing DYI projects, click here for some great at home electrical safety tips offered by Ameren Missouri. To learn more about how safety is always Branham Electric’s top priority, click here.

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