Electrician or Electrical Contractor in St. Louis?

Electrician-St.-LouisMost people who claim, “I can’t even change a light bulb”… actually can. But what they mean is that they have little skill or confidence in their ability to handle household repairs.

When it comes to your electrical system, it’s best to trust your instinct. With the help of step-by-step instructions, you may feel comfortable installing light switches, checking fuses and installing doorbells – but for more complicated (and potentially risky) projects, an electrical contractor or electrician in St. Louismay be your best bet.

Circumstances like dim or flickering lights, outlets that are suddenly hot to the touch, or buzzing or sizzling noises call not for DYI, but for contacting a professional immediately! These are symptoms of wiring or circuit damage that can escalate into a crisis.

For other projects of a not-so-critical nature, you might select an electrician or contractor to perform services like running cables and wires for your electronics, testing currents and putting in fuse boxes.

Electrician or electrical contractor?
You may hear these two terms used interchangeably, but they represent two different disciplines. Electricians have completed coursework and apprenticeships (often up to four years) before they earn their certification in the field. They are the ones who can tackle everyday jobs in your home.

Electrical contractors run businesses specially licensed for large-scale indoor and outdoor assignments, such as installing a property’s entire electrical system or performing major repairs on high-voltage equipment. Such contractors will hire certified electricians who are trained for particular tasks.

A good rule of thumb: if your installation or repair job takes just a day or two, it’s suited to a St. Louis electrician. If it takes weeks or even months, then call on an electrical contractor to handle the details.

Finding the one for you
Identifying the electrical contractor best for you begins with knowing the company’s history and background. You’ll want to read reviews, get referrals and speak directly to the owner before making any decisions.

In general, the longer a St. Louis electrical contractor has been in business, the more likely you’ll get satisfying results – you want people with experience under their belts when it comes to handling live wires in your home!

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