Electrician in St. Louis: Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

Finding an electrician in St. Louis that is committed to delivering a return on investment when it comes to energy efficient lighting can be a challenge. Branham Electric has been delivering that ROI in the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1991.

We start with a free energy audit and we get very specific with a proposed annual energy savings, a guaranteed ROI, available utility rebates, state grants and Federal EPAct tax credit information. We guarantee that our lighting proposals will equal a minimum 30% annual electric savings.

Since we are not tied to any specific manufacturer, we provide solutions that are a “best fit” for your particular needs and requirements. And since we supply and install our systems, there are no middlemen involved.

Our energy efficient products include…

T5 and T8 High Performance Fluorescent Lighting
LED Lighting
Occupancy Sensors
Lighting Control Systems
Solar Systems
Electric Car Charging Stations

This video, produced by sdgreenbiz.org, simply shows how the replacement of incandescent light bulbs for more efficient lamps (CFL bulbs, LED lights) can save you a significant quantity of money.

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