Energy Efficient Lighting

Are Your Lights Leaving Money on the Table?

Branham by Suburban Electrical Services' energy efficient lighting specialist come to your facility to conduct a lighting analysis. This analysis provides your current kilowatt hours, offers our suggestions for replacing your existing lighting with energy efficient lighting, shows you the project's annual kilowatt hours saved and annual dollar savings. 

As an Ameren Missouri Trade Ally, we also provide Ameren's current incentives/rebates available for your project. If you decide to complete our proposed lighting retrofit project, we complete Ameren's incentive application and handle all Ameren requirements. As Ameren says, "Make improvements to your business today and begin saving energy and money well into the future."

Benefits -

  • Cash incentives toward the purchase of energy efficient LED lighting. These incentives may cover up to 50% of the total installed project cost. You only pay the difference!
  • Installation of new efficient equipment scheduled and completed at your convenience.
  • Old inefficient equipment removed from you site.
  • No hassle incentive application process completed by Branham by Suburban Electrical Services.
  • FREE energy efficient lighting assessment offered by Branham by SES including annual energy savings from new LED lighting, available Ameren Missouri incentives and project ROI (often less than 24-months).
  • An opportunity to reduce your operating cost by reducing your energy use.

Ameren Missouri has many incentive programs. If you are an Ameren Missouri customer, you need to contact Branham by Suburban Electrical Services learn more about Ameren's incentive/rebate programs and what we can secure for you. Call (314) 426-3900 to schedule your FREE energy efficient lighting assessment today!

Reduce Utility Cost by 30-50% with a one to three year ROI!

Did you know, on average, energy efficient lighting reduces your utility cost by 30-50% and provides one of the highest ROIs available in today's energy efficiency product market?

Lighting makes up 38% of your energy consumption. Energy efficient lighting offers a great solution for savings and typically delivers a 1-3 year payback.

Branham by Suburban Electrical Services is your energy efficient lighting expert. We have reduced our customers’ annual electric consumption by over 8 million kilowatt hours (kWh). This equates to reducing our client’s annual electric cost by over $900,000. At the same time we have secured over $650,000 in Ameren cash incentive (rebates) for these same customers!

Call Branham by SES today to receive your FREE energy efficiency lighting assessment, including -

  • A energy efficient proposal customized to the unique needs of your physical spaces. This includes an eye to “daylight harvesting”, motion sensors and programmable zoning – allowing you to reduce energy consumption and utilize the sun when available.
  • Knowledge of potential utility incentives and tax credits – and how to act on them.
  • High-quality LED fixtures and T5 or T8 Fluorescent Lighting – for state-of-the-art technology and long-lasting durability. This provides additional savings with less maintenance.
  • Expert installation by licensed, bonded electricians and OSHA-10 certified crews.
  • Financing and leasing options. We’ll work with you to make your lighting retrofit happen.

Studies show improved lighting equals happier, safer, and more productive workers. That’s a completely different kind of “energy efficiency”.  A bright one indeed.

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