Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt

Despite the fact that many of us in this area awoke to snow on the first day of the new season, spring has arrived! With spring, comes Easter, which many will celebrate this weekend; the St. Louis area boasts many ways to celebrate. Enjoy a delightful breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the famous St. Louis Zoo or The Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery in Kimmswick, or you can hunt for eggs at Queeny Park (for a great cause, no less), Purina Farms, Fenton City Park, and Six Flags and a few other events.

Just for fun, we have an Easter egg hunt for you. Today, we’ll hunt through our blogs for great information and a bit of fun.

Now that your basket is full of education and entertainment, we want to challenge you to find the blog that has a special March 2016 offer (Hint: click here). This treasure alone is worth the time you spent hunting eggs. We’d also like to ask you what blogs you, our friends and followers, would like to see in the future. Do you have questions for us, or a particular kind of advice you need? Let us know!

We wish you a happy spring time and a very hoppy Easter!

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