Something Old, Something New: Service and Innovation


Branham Electric is proud to have “old-fashioned” values like hard work, reliability, and dedication to customer service. When it comes to the services we offer, however, we are simply cutting edge.

You can count on Branham to offer new and innovative solutions to your energy needs:

  • Energy savings with cash back. As an Ameren Platinum Trade Ally, we have reduced our customers’ annual electric consumption by 6.46 million kilowatt hours. This reduced annual electric costs by $596,300. Plus, we have secured over $335,486 in Ameren rebates for the same customers!
  • Light it up! Branham Electric is your energy efficient lighting expert. We will help you decide what your space needs, utilizing daylight harvesting and making the most of high-quality LED fixtures and T5 or T8 Fluorescent Lighting. This gives your business both state-of-the-art technology and long-lasting durability. We ensure you aren’t wasting energy with motion occupancy sensors and programmable zoning. Get started with a free lighting assessment.
  • Soak up the sun. We offer a variety of solar solutions that provide an excellent return on investment. Photovoltaic solar power can cut your utility bills, eliminate peak use charges and protect your company against further rate increases. Our very own Tim Branham has earned NABCEP certification, which represents the “gold standard” for photovoltaic/solar industry. This means that Branham’s solar practitioners voluntarily adhere to the highest standards of learning and application in this area, putting your mind at ease and giving you the best possible value.
  • Charge ahead. If you have an electric vehicle, we have a selection of indoor and outdoor charging stations to meet your needs.

Branham offers the best in innovation to lead your company into the future of energy consumption. That’s our something new to offer you. However, we’ll offer something old as well. That is our promise to deliver the best in service, AND to offer free estimates on our products and services. Get started today. Call 636.926.2001.



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