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Branham Electric is the St. Louis area’s premier provider of electrical services to new developments, including manufacturing facilities, hotels, multi-family apartments, luxury apartment complexes and senior living facilities. We provide service to many types of building developments, which provides us with the opportunity to get a glimpse of what is going on in several different industries. One of the more fascinating and wonderful trends is the care that is going into assisted living facilities. As the baby boomer generation ages and faces the possibility of requiring help with basic living needs, the healthcare industry is seeking to meet their needs with a great deal of care, style, and even luxury.

Such facilities go above and beyond to provide the best care, including the following amenities.

  • Grand living quarters. Many individuals desire more than a single room with a kitchenette. Senior care facilities are offering full kitchens and more, making the space feel more home than institution. Branham Electric provides valuable service by ensuring the electrical needs of these high-end residential quarters are met.
  • Top-notch security. Security is of utmost concern in senior living facilities. Additionally, caring for those with memory issues is vital. This makes the systems installed and/or monitored by Branham extremely important, including fire alarm systems, security systems, closed circuit TV, and door access systems.
  • Dining options. The days of bland food served on plastic trays are gone, as these developments offer fine dining with certified chefs, all while meeting special diet needs.
  • Activity and education. Successful senior living requires staying engaged in social activity and learning. Most facilities employ staff that plan and promote educational and social activity. These days, this requires superior technology to be in place. Branham provides voice, data, and video cabling to meet the needs of even the most advanced programs.
  • Therapy and recreational facilities. Pools and hot tubs are often used for therapy purposes, as well as for recreational use. Branham Electric is an expert in providing electrical installation for safe and secure community use areas.
  • Environmental sustainability. The baby boomer generation and their families are concerned about leaving a legacy for the next generations, including a healthier and greener world. In response to this, senior living facilities promote making wise environmental choices. Branham Electric is the area’s expert on energy efficient lighting choices. We can help both new and old facilities increase their efficiency and even get rebates through Ameren’s incentive programs.

We find it both amazing and wonderful to see the steps taken to make the lives of those requiring assisted living more comfortable and full of life. We have been proud to provide electrical contracting for projects such as Stratford Manor and Vanguard Heights Apartments. We are honored to participate in the process by providing a full range of electrical services to new and existing facilities.

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