NWCC Business of the Year

Branham Electric would like to thank the Northwest Chamber of Commerce for a very special honor. We were surprised and humbled to accept the NWCC’s award for 2015 Business of the Year. We would also like to congratulate our fellow nominees and winner of the Small Business of the Year, Pursuit Fitness.

The Northwest Chamber of Commerce has been active since 1951. Their main goal is to help area businesses uncover new opportunities and to create community. The Board and staff work diligently, providing members with the tools needed to meet their organizational objectives, as well as discover and offer new services as the market dictates. Businesses and individuals come to together to invest time and money, leading to enhanced economic, civic and cultural wellbeing in the community. There are over 500 Northwest Chamber members who are given the opportunity to network at the large monthly meeting, or at any one of the numerous networking events throughout the month.

Business of the YearAs Branham Electric President, Candy Branham said in a recent press release, “The Northwest Chamber is an outstanding group of businesses, schools and non-profits. They do so much for the community, helping a host of organizations raise funds for a variety of causes, both large and small. Tim and I are excited to play an active role in Chamber activities.”

The Northwest Chamber of Commerce kindly reciprocates our excitement. Brian Goldman, President and CEO of the Northwest Chamber, said, “Branham Electric is a key member of the Chamber, donating their time, energy and money to every one of our events. Candy Branham and/or Tim Branham are always in attendance and they play an active role in nearly everything we do. In fact we submitted nomination forms to our awards committee and Branham Electric was on every ballot. They were a unanimous choice.”

Business of the YearIt is an honor to be involved in an organization like this! Each day brings a new opportunity, whether it be supporting a fellow member at an open house or ribbon cutting, learning about a new and helpful business topic, raising money for worthy causes, or networking to build strong relationships. In August, we were excited to sponsor the monthly membership meeting, which was attended by more than 200 members. In November, we worked together with the Chamber to raise funds for World War II veterans to participate in the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight. The Speakeasy Soiree Event was like no other, and was a huge success sponsoring an entire 2016 Greater St. Louis Honor Flight, not to mention a lot of fun!

We are already looking forward to another great year with the Northwest Chamber. In February, we will participate in the Love Is In the Air Trivia Night hosted by the NWCC, which will benefit the Fisher House. We look forward to the many more worthy causes to be supported, bonds to be created, and the continuation of a strengthened community with the Northwest Chamber of Commerce.

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