The Right Contractors For Energy Efficient Lighting in St. Louis

Energy-efficient-lighting1In the upcoming year, going green may actually put a little green back in your pocket. Commercial and industrial properties may be eligible for cash incentive rebate dollars available through Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois’ “Act On Energy” program. Installing energy efficient lighting in St. Louis may also be eligible for tax deductions up to $1.80 per square foot for whole-building system improvements

When selecting a company to complete your energy efficient lighting in St. Louis make sure that the company you select:

  1. Is an Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois Trade Ally
  2. Has secured thousands of Ameren cash incentive dollars for its customers
  3. Has considerable experience in lighting retrofits – large and small projects
  4. Can provide a guaranteed ROI – generally less than 24 months
  5. Will provide a well-designed lighting system that guarantees more lighting with the added benefits of improving productivity, safety and moral.
  6. Offers many types of high-efficiency lighting equipment and combines many of the following components…
      • Energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent bulbs produce less heat and can produce between 50 and 100 lumens per watt. They are four to six times more efficient than regular light bulbs. That is how a 15 W fluorescent bulb can produce the same amount of light as a 60 W regular incandescent bulb.
      • Electronic ballasts. When you replace standard fluorescents with energy-efficient bulbs, you will need to upgrade the ballasts as well. Electronic ballasts are much quieter and more efficient than the old magnetic technology.
      • Task lighting. Directing light to the area that is needed, rather than lighting a whole room, reduces power consumption. Good planning and design can utilize this strategy to save money and increase efficiency.
      • Reflectors. Sheets of reflective aluminum are added to fluorescent lights to direct the light down into the room where it is needed. This increases efficiency by providing focused light.
      • Manual lighting controls. Nothing has more potential to save more money on energy than a good old-fashioned light switch. Installing manual lighting controls in areas that are seldom used or have access to daylight can lower costs. Additionally, dimming controls can be used if a variable amount of light is needed throughout the day.
      • Automated lighting controls. Occupancy sensors can be very effective for controlling lights in places that are often unoccupied, like conference rooms, restrooms, storage rooms, or areas of your warehouse that does not have much activity.

When you decide to start looking for energy efficient lighting in St. Louis find a contractor that has the experience to plan and design a retrofit of your existing lighting system or new construction project. This is the best way to take advantage of these upcoming rebate opportunities, and having an experienced contractor to light the way will be invaluable.

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