Safe Summer, Fun Summer


Summer vacation is here! It is finally time to kick back and relax around the pool!


For those in charge of a pool, whether at a home, business, or multi-family residential unit with a pool, there are important steps to take before enjoying the water.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, since 1990, there have been 60 electrocutions and 50 serious electrical shocks that involved swimming pools. That may not seem like a huge number compared to other dangers; however, most of these accidents are preventable with basic maintenance and awareness.

Electricity and water simply do not mix. With that in mind, take these steps to increase safety in and around the pool.

Everyone can observe these basic safety rules.
• Keep electrical devices and cords at least 10 feet away from water sources. Use battery operated devices when possible.
• Never handle electrical devices when wet.
• Never swim during a thunderstorm or when lightning has been observed.
• If you observe something that could be unsafe, ask questions. Speak up for the safety of yourself and others.
• Be familiar with emergency procedures, this includes turning off the power and using nonmetal devices to save someone who is experiencing shock in the water. An emergency plan should be posted near the pool area.

Have a qualified professional assist with or complete these steps.

• Only GFCI outlets should be installed outside.
• All outdoor receptacles should be properly covered, especially around pools.
• All equipment must be properly grounded, including cleaning equipment.
• There should be no power lines above a pool or hot tub.
• Inspect equipment, including lighting, to ensure that it complies with current codes. Older equipment may be wearing or may not be properly grounded. This presents a large risk.
• Those purchasing a house with an existing pool should have the electrical systems inspected prior to use.

Remember to contact Branham Electric, 636-926-2001, with questions about the electrical safety around your home, business, or multi-family residential unit. In the meantime, we wish you a happy and safe summer!

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