Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

outlets, switches, and fixtures

Switches, outlets, and fixtures — the gateways of electricity in your home. These necessities get used so often that they become second-nature. The circuits in your house were designed to provide seamless delivery of currents, but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with the same outlets and fixtures forever. Part of the fun of homemaking is discovering new and improved resources to make your home look and function even better. If upgrading, replacing, or repairing fixtures and outlets is on your “to do” list, here are some things to know before you contact a St. Louis electrician.

Light Switches
You are probably aware that light switches are the on-off controller that activate your main light sources. Your home may contain single-pole switches that activate one set of lights; and it may also contain three-pole switches that control lights in two locations (like the ones at the top and bottom of your stairs). A qualified electrician in St. Louis can show you the latest technology, like switches that operate through timers or photoelectric eyes that sense daylight. Additionally, they will be able to advise you on which light switches are safe to use if your home has aluminum, as opposed to copper, wiring.

Electrical Outlets
Outlets pepper every room of your home. Today’s two-pronged, 120-volt outlets come with a built-in “ground” to ensure that inside the wall, the hot wire doesn’t make contact with the neutral one, which could lead to electrical shock or fire. The “ground” is that half-circle-shaped hole on the outlet. Look at your home’s outlets: if they don’t have the ground (some do not in older homes), you need to add a grounding adapter to stay safe. You may be able to install one yourself, but it is probably best to have an electrician do the work for you.

Electrical Fixtures
Electrical fixtures are fun to shop for. These can dramatically alter both the look and the performance of your home. There are three categories of fixtures:

  1. General, or ambient, lighting
    This includes wall-mounted lamps, chandeliers, recessed lights, or track lights. General lighting fixtures are available in a range of styles, from traditional to cutting-edge.
  2. Task lighting
    Task lighting fixtures focus light into small areas. These practical fixtures are ideal for areas where you read, sew, or cook.
  3. Accent lighting
    Accent lighting can include everything from lava lamps to LED stand-up fixtures. With their specialized shapes and illumination, they can draw attention to your art, your garden, or just to themselves.

When you are ready to explore ways to upgrade your home, a St. Louis electrician can be a great resource. Call Branham by Suburban Electrical Services now to discover how you can improve the aesthetics and function of your home!

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