Time to Recharge


Recently, we’ve been quite serious in the information we share with you in our blog. At Branham, we take what we do seriously. We want you to make the best decisions about who will do your electrical work, whether you’re building a large multi-family apartment project, a hotel, senior living development or a single family home. Therefore, we have reviewed a great deal of information about choosing the best bid. We have more to share in the coming weeks. Right now, however, after celebrating a long holiday weekend, it’s time to talk about vacation.

That’s right! The year is halfway over and Branham Electric wants to know if those we love to connect with are taking a well-deserved time of rest and relaxation. Several studies over the past few years have indicated that around 40 percent of Americans do not use all their paid time off. One recent study said that nearly 41 percent actually take no time off at all. Just like an electric vehicle, people cannot run without being recharged. We would like to share some information about why you should seriously consider taking that time off.

Your body needs it: Elite athletes and musicians who take regular breaks perform better, presumably because their bodies have had some time to recover.

Your brain needs it: Taking time off gives your brain time to process new skills learned. Creativity and focus also improve after downtime.

Your family needs it: Research shows that people who take vacation are generally happier than those who do not. Short, frequent vacations actually increase happiness even more. Happy individuals lead to happier families (and workplaces, communities, etc.)

Your company needs it: Workers who take time off have higher performance evaluations than those who do not.

The economy needs it: If people are always working, they aren’t spending money eating out, touring interesting attractions, playing at amusement parks, and staying in hotels. This costs a potential $160 Billion dollars in total business and $21 Billion in tax revenues. If this money were spent, it would support 1.2 million jobs.

Taking a vacation can make you a happier, more productive worker. For companies, encouraging employees to take their time off is a good idea for the bottom line. Though it may seem to cost a bit more initially, the payoff will come in better health, a more positive environment, and greater productivity. So, take the time to recharge!

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