Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)VFDs can help you save big!

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can save you thousands of dollars annually by automatically adjusting motor speed to match output requirements. What does that mean to you? You will achieve energy savings when full speed is not necessary. You can also receive an Ameren Missouri cash incentive/rebate to offset the upfront cost of your project and start saving today!

How does it work?  Most fixed-speed motors can be controlled by VFDs that slow the speed of the motor during times when full speed is not necessary. VFDs (also referred to as variable speed drives) can be installed on virtually any fixed-speed fan or pump.

Where is it used?  VFDs are typically used on air compressors, HVAC and process pumps, air handlers, and ventilation fans. Any facility that uses these systems and has a varying load could be a good candidate for a VFD project.

How much will you save?  Depending on how much the VFD is able to slow the speed of the motor, you can expect to save 10-50% in energy cost. Pair that with the cash incentive you can receive from installing VFDs, and you could see a payback of one year or less.

Are there other benefits?  Because VFDs minimize start-up surges that are characteristic of “non-soft start” motors, your systems will experience less mechanical and electrical stress – meaning reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life.

You could be eligible for incentives up to half of the installation cost of the VFD! Call Branham by Suburban Electrical Services today to learn more. (314) 426-3900

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