Automatic Standby Generator

Temporary Power Supplied by Branham Electric

Facility power outage solved by Branham Electric.

Branham Electric was contacted by Omni Cable on a Friday at 6:25pm concerning their O'Fallon, Missouri facility experiencing a complete power outage.

  • Branham Electric had crews on site by 6:49 pm - within 24 minutes of Omni's original call
  • Branham Electric determined that water had penetrated the facility's electrical service
  • Branham Electric had Ameren on site by 8:15 pm - less than 2 hours from Omni's original call
  • Branham Electric had a cost effective portable generator on site by 9:00 pm - 2-1/4 hours from Omni's original call
  • Ameren secures temporary power supply at 9:15 pm and plant is back running before the end of the shift - 2-1/2 hours from Omni's original call
  • Branham Electric restores total facility's permanent power on Monday at 9:15 am

Branham Electric had Omni Cables’ total facility’s permanent power restored within 72 hours of our original power outage!” – Mark Serafino, Omni Cable

Branham Electric was acquired by Suburban Electrical Services in September 2022. We are now, Branham by Suburban Electrical Services offering you the same honest, professional electrical contracting services you've grown to expect. Call us at (314) 426-3900 for prompt, affordable service when you need it. 

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