Surge Protection

Protect your investment.

As St. Louis area home owners, we know the damage that can happen due from regional thunderstorms. Our homes are filled with sensitive electronics. These devices are easily damaged by common power surges in your electrical, telephone, and cable lines. It only takes a lightning storm near your home to create a high-energy electrical surge that can enter your house and destroy your appliances, TVs, stereo equipment and almost all other electrical products.

Surge Protection products offered by Branham by Suburban Electrical Services -

  • Surge Strip Protection - we suggest adding surge strips for your home's first line of surge protection. However it is not always possible or practical to protect your home's most valuable electronics and appliances with such strips.
  • Surge Protection Receptacle - don't like the look of a surge strip? Branham Electric can offer your home surge protection from a visually pleasing surge receptacle. Similar to the in wall receptacle that you have throughout your house but with build in surge protection.
  • Full House Surge Protection - this product installs right at your breaker box and protects your home's appliances and electronics that practically cannot utilize surge strip protection. For less than the cost of replacing one major appliance, Branham Electric gives you the ability to protect your entire home.

Our Full House Surge Protection offer gives St. Louis area home owners an opportunity to purchase full house surge protection for the special price of $389 installed (normally $489).  Call today to schedule your installation. (314)426-3900

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