Choosing the Best Value Bid

Best Value Bid

Question: What do the following things have in common?

  • Getting your car repaired by a friend who learned about auto mechanics on YouTube.
  • Going to the gas station on the corner for sushi.
  • Choosing the lowest bid on your electrical services for your business, home, or multi-family residential unit.

Answer: In the long run, all these things will cost you more money, time, and headache!

Most of us know better than to blindly choose the cheapest option in life. Saving money is great, but it must be done wisely. The big picture must be considered. That’s probably easy when you’re considering whether to pay the inexperienced guy down the street to rebuild your transmission.

However, when it comes to a major building or renovation project, even smart business people can forget that not all contractors do equal quality work and that the cheapest bid may cost more in the long run. A very low bid may seem exciting, but it could actually be a warning sign.

When determining the best bid, it’s important to consider these issues:

  • What is the skill level and the experience of the subcontractor’s employees?
  • Is this electrical contractor familiar with the codes in your area, as well as the required permits? Do they know local inspectors? Failed inspections cause work stoppage and will definitely increase your costs.
  • Is this subcontractor familiar with other subcontractors on the project? Are they able to work with the other contractors to create a smooth flow on this project, which saves money and time?
  • Does the subcontractor have a strong knowledge of energy efficient products and systems? This could save money for years to come!
  • Can the subcontractor handle all of the project’s electrical needs?
  • How will the contractor handle warranty issues? This is especially important when dealing with out-of-state subcontractors.

Branham Electric is a company that you can trust to provide the best value. Sometimes our bid will be the lowest. Even when it isn’t, the value will far exceed your expectations. We will provide service that will keep your project running smoothly and safely. We stand behind our work on each and every project. Call us today for a consultation! 636-926-2001.


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