Committed to #SafeAndSound2018!

#SafeAndSound2018 Week is Here!

OSHA created “Safe and Sound Week 2018” as a nation wide event. It’s designed to raise awareness of the importance that safety and health programs have on our national workplace. This program includes management and leadership buy-in, workers participation and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards with our workplace.

At Branham Electric, we put Safety First always. As Tim Branham emphasizes, “Making all of Branham Electric’s workplaces safe is sound business. Our Safety First program proactively identifies and corrects workplace safety hazards prior to allowing injuries and illness to occur.”

During this week, each of our job sites and crews are participating in learning more about how to keep job sites safe and our crews healthy. We’re making sure SAFETY is our first priority by learning about such things as fall protection, identifying trip hazards and making sure each member of our team is thinking SAFETY FIRST and observing sound safety practices.

To learn more about Branham Electric’s safety training, click here.


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