Congratulations Tim

Branham Electric congratulates Tim Buecker on graduating from the Independent Electrical Contractor’s (IEC) 4 year apprenticeship program. Tim ranks at the top of his class and is a valued member of the Branham Electric team.

IEC’s 4 year apprenticeship program offers students the opportunity to work in the electrical field via employment with a merit shop electrical contractor. Students go to school one night a week and work, as an apprentice electrician, full time during the day. At the end of the 4 year program, students receive a journeyman electrician’s certificate from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

“Tim has been with Branham Electric since November 2015 and has performed well since the start. He’s always ready to learn new things, eagerly lends a helping hand, is a great team player, and likes a challenge.” says Tim Branham. “Tim is a great employee and I look forward to watching him expand his knowledge and skills over the next few years.”

Tim, pictured above with his parents, lives in St. Charles County. He enjoys fishing, bowling and watching tv.

Congratuations Tim on a bright future.

Your Future as an Electrician Starts Here

A career in the electrical industry offers many diverse and rewarding opportunities. Today’s cutting edge technologies continue to expand the uses of electricity, with technical expansion, society’s need for electricity continues to grow.

The electrical trade makes all this growth and technology possible. Electricians connect the world as we know it today and will be on the cutting edge of connecting the world of tomorrow. Your future in the electrical industry is bright and IEC offers exceptional training. Why consider IEC?

  • Earn while you learn, as an IEC apprentice, you work for an IEC merit shop contractor while you attend school, so you get paid to learn!
  • IEC’s programs are regarded as among the best in the industry; and are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and State Apprenticeship Councils across the country.
  • Start your career debt free. Most IEC apprentices graduate debt free from their 4 year apprenticeship program as journeyman electricians. Unlike college graduates who often owe $50 to $150 thousand for their education.

Learn more, click here to energize your future with IEC.

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