Electrical Wiring in St. Louis Is Best Left to the Experts

At the start of a New Year, many homeowners’ thoughts turn to remodeling their home. As a homeowner, you probably know where your fuses are located. Many of you have also changed a few outlets in your day. However, electrical wiring in St. Louis is best left to the experts. With electricity, the stakes are too high to treat it as a typical “do it yourself” project. Unlike wallpapering or painting, a mistake handling electricity can lead to serious injury, or even death – not to mention considerable damage to your home’s electrical system, electronics, fixtures, and more. 

Before attempting any repairs or upgrades of your home’s electrical system, consider whether your skills are equal to the task. If your experience is less than expert level, your safest bet is to consult a specialist in electrical wiring in St. Louis.


When you do, you will find the conversation leaning toward the basic elements of electrical wiring in the home –

The service entry (or entrance) is the point on your property where electricity from your power company transfers to your home’s electrical service. The most recognizable service entry is the power line, which on older homes probably comes in above ground and on newer homes is underground. Both terminate at your home’s exterior meter housing. It’s generally a good idea to visually inspect your home’s meter housing annually. It should be mounted soundly to your home’s exterior. Overhead lines will be attached to the meter housing via a service entry mast at the top of the meter housing. Underground lines should be attached to the meter housing via secure conduit junctions at the bottom of the meter housing. All parts of your home’s exterior meter connection should be connected to each other without any visible breaks. Your entire exterior electrical components should not have any rust of signs of water or moisture retention. If any of these signs exist, call Branham by Suburban Electrical Services and request an visual inspection of your homes’ interior and exterior service.

The panel board (or electrical service panel)  is your control center of your wiring. You’ve seen them in the basement – they’re often those gray metal boards that contain fuses and circuit breakers. When you’re installing new appliances or checking the power flow following a blackout, the panel board is often where you begin. It’s also the place to shut off the electrical current every time you or your wiring specialist begins a project. You should visually inspect your service panel annually for rust, moisture, or any signs of burned wires. If you see issues contact Branham by Suburban Electrical Services and request an inspection of your home’s electrical service panel.

Branch circuits are the individual wires and cables form the panel board that deliver electricity to specific parts of the house. Thanks to branch circuits, you can cut the power to the kitchen while keeping the rest of the house operating as usual. Ideally, every fuse and circuit breaker is labeled so that you know what currents go where. If you have doubt, call Branham. Our specialist will gladly schedule a time to come label your homes electrical circuits.

Branham by Suburban Electrical Services also specializes on high end residential remodel. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, bath or other area of your home, Call Branham. We’ll gladly bid your electrical needs and even suggest some exceptional general contracting companies.

Stay safe around electrical wiring!
From knowing your city’s electrical codes to recognizing the service entry, there’s plenty to learn and remember when working with electricity. By using the services of a qualified St. Louis electrical wiring specialist, you can save time and frustration – and, most importantly, stay safe.

Since 1991, Branham by Suburban Electrical Services has serviced the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Most of our team’s grown up here. We’re your neighbors. We’ll be there when you need us with award winning service at affordable prices. Call us today to learn more. (314) 426-3900

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