National Electrical Safety Month

Branham Electric Invites You to Spring into Safety!

At Branham, we put safety first in everything we do. You, as a home owner and business owner, rely on electricity every day. Now, during National Electrical Safety Month, is a great time to raise awareness on how to avoid potential electrical hazards. With a few simple precautions, we all can avoid electrically related fires, fatalities, injuries, and property loss.

Some safety tips you can use today include…


  • Check electric cords for fraying or cracking. Replace cords that may be damaged, and don’t overload electric outlets.
  • Extension cords are intended to be temporary only; they are not designed for permanent household wiring.
  • Cords should not be run under carpets or rugs. Don’t tack or nail cords to walls or floors.
  • Electric appliances and tools should be kept away from water. Never reach for or unplug an appliance that has fallen into water; instead, turn the power off at the breaker before you unplug it or remove it from the water.
  • Never put anything other than an electrical plug into an outlet. Use outlet covers or caps to protect children.
  • Keep your home’s electrical system in good repair. Contact a licensed electrical contractor such as Branham Electric if you have flickering lights, sparks, non-functioning outlets, or need wiring repairs or upgrades.
  • Smoke detector’s batteries should be replaced on an annual basis. Smoke detectors, themselve, should be replace at least every 10 years. Call Branham Electric to schedule your annual home and office smoke detector inspection.


  • Never touch downed power lines!
  • Always call your local utility or 911 if you see lines down.
  • Watch for overhead lines every time you use a ladder, work on roofs, trees, or carry long tools or loads. Keep kites, model airplanes, and metallic balloons away from power lines.
  • Know what’s below before you dig. At least 3 days before starting any digging or excavating project, call 1-800 Dig Rite, to have underground utility lines, pipes, and cables marked for free.
  • Avoid planting trees underneath power lines or near utility equipment.

Have questions? Branham Electric is here to help.

For over 25-years, Branham Electric has been servicing the electrical wiring needs of St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles City, St. Charles County and Jefferson County homeowners, business owners, property management companies, and industrial facilities. We provide a wide range of services and are there when you need us 24/7/365.

No job is too big or too small.

Call us at 636-926-2001.

Thanks for reading and have a powerful week.

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