Ten Crucial Questions to Ask Potential Electrical Contractors

Crucial Questions to Ask Potential Electrical Contractors

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your residential or commercial electrical needs in St. Louis with Branham by Suburban Electrical Services. From installations to repairs, every project demands precision and expertise to safeguard your property and occupants. With that in mind, here are ten crucial questions to ask potential electrical contractors:

  1. Cost Transparency

How much will this cost?

Understand the pricing structure upfront. For larger jobs in particular, a written estimate with an outline of the specifics of the job is a good idea. While affordability matters, prioritize quality over the lowest hourly rates. Experienced professionals may cost more per hour but can efficiently diagnose and resolve issues, potentially saving you time and money in the long run.

  1. Detailed Estimates

What does the estimate include?

Request a comprehensive breakdown of the estimate, including any potential structural repairs or replacements affected by the electrical work.

  1. Warranty Coverage

What is covered in your warranty?

Ensure the company provides clear warranty terms for both labor and products, offering you peace of mind regarding future maintenance or issues.

  1. Permit Procedures

Will permits be required and, if so, who will obtain them?

A qualified electrician will be aware of required permits. Trust them to handle the necessary permits, streamlining the process and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

  1. Specialized Expertise

What is your specialty?

This is a tricky one. While a company may advertise all aspects of electrical service, you want to assess the contractor’s specialization to make sure they align with your specific needs. A small company skilled in residential repair may not be equipped to handle a large industrial project. This is one area where Branham by Suburban Electrical Services shines. Whether residential or commercial, we boast a team of experts with extensive training and experience in both arenas, including residential, multifamily construction, industrial projects, and more. Our foundation began with residential and multifamily construction. We added ‘round-the-clock service in 1998, our Systems and Voice/Data/Video Division in 2001, and our Energy Division 2008. Each of our divisions has been operating with integrity and excellence for countless years.

Stay tuned for the continuation of our top ten essential questions for hiring an electrical contractor next week. In the meantime, Branham by Suburban Electrical Services is ready to address all your inquiries and electrical requirements. Contact us today at 314-426-3900.

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