We Light Up Your Business (Efficiently)

energy efficient

What do you need most to run your business well? You definitely need a great team of managers and employees, a competitive product or service, and a loyal customer base. With those parts in place, you can keep your business profitable and continue to do what you do; even still, the bottom line is always a big concern.

What if we told you that we could help you improve your bottom line by saving on a necessity, while also receiving some cash back? You may think that your energy bills are a set expense, but your energy bills can actually decrease, freeing up some of your cash flow so you can build your business.

Your energy efficient lighting expert, Branham Electric, is an Ameren Platinum Trade Ally. We have been named among an elite group of Ameren Missouri’s top energy saving performers, and we are committed to helping our customers achieve sustainable energy solutions. In fact, we have saved our customers over 8 million kilowatt hours, which translates to over $647,000, annually.

Branham Electric begins with an expert analysis of your facilities’ existing lighting systems, including usage and cost. We then deliver a solution tailored to your specific priorities and objectives. We will propose a new energy efficient lighting system, considering your “foot candle” requirement, your specific operations, your annual kWh savings and estimated electrical savings, and any other unique aspects. You then receive turnkey installation by our experienced electricians, who have completed over $2 million in energy efficient lighting projects. All of this can be accomplished while your facility is running, as we will work around your production as much as possible and utilize our proprietary installation processes to ensure the highest quality and most rapid completion of the project.

But wait, there’s more! Ameren also offers cash incentives to those making these efforts to conserve energy, and to this date, we have secured approximately $249,000 in Ameren cash incentives for our customers. We will include any available Ameren Missouri or Ameren Illinois cash incentive rebates in our analysis; and if applicable, for an additional fee we will complete a Federal Tax Credit voucher.

We will soon be sharing stories about some of the businesses we have had the pleasure of serving. Call us at 636-926-2001 and we’ll add in your story to our collection of successful, money-saving projects.


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