An Energizing Announcement: Ameren Energy Efficient Incentive Programs

Energy Efficient Incentive

Business owners have countless expenses, from payroll to equipment maintenance to advertising. Many of these expenses are difficult to control and impossible to reduce. It is possible, however, to significantly reduce energy expenses and to receive cash back for doing so.

We are pleased to announce that The Missouri Public Service Commission approved Ameren Missouri’s plan for a new 3-year cycle of energy efficiency programs through February 28, 2019. This means that many businesses can receive rebates to reimburse them for taking steps to reduce their energy consumption.

There are currently three energy efficient incentive programs, according to Ameren Missouri:

Custom Incentive:

This program covers virtually any cost-effective energy efficient program. The amount of each incentive is calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. Businesses wishing to take advantage of this program must receive pre-approval before purchasing or installing equipment.

New Construction Incentive:

New construction projects, additions, and renovations are eligible for this incentive program. New Construction incentives also require pre-approval, which must take place prior to the design phase of the project.

Retro-Commissioning (RCx):

RCx is a good solution for large buildings. It is the process of optimizing your building’s systems. This requires an extensive facility assessment to explore energy-saving opportunities. This program pays a rebate for the assessment and provides incentive for energy saved.

Additionally, it is expected that Ameren’s Standard Lighting Program will be available soon.

Branham Electric has a strong history of working with businesses to create energy efficient solutions, as well as working with Ameren’s incentive programs. Branham is one of the few companies in the St. Louis area named an Ameren Platinum Trade Ally. We have helped area companies save over $647,000 and receive over $429,000 in rebates! Our expert staff members understand all the energy-saving options, such as energy efficient, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and lighting control systems. For example, switching from T12 lighting to T5 and T8 high performance fluorescent lighting could reduce electric bills by as much as 50%. Branham Electric can help each company determine the maximum benefit in savings and incentives.

If you are a business owner and would like to reduce your costs and maximize your rebates, contact Branham today.



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