Back to School


Children everywhere are in back-to-school mode. In our Greater St. Louis area most schools began or will begin this week. Since we’re all geared up for learning, we thought we’d bring a little electricity education to you. Feel free to share these resources with your favorite teacher or student.

  • Electricity makes our homes, schools, and businesses run. This resource will help students understand the concept of electricity. This will lay the foundation for teaching electrical safety.
  • Many kids learn best with hands-on projects. These science project ideas will bring fun and learning to the classroom.
  • Electrical and fire safety education is essential. The ESFi provides excellent curriculum to help students learn about safety in a fun and engaging way.
  • Renewable energy and green living is becoming evermore important. Teachers and students can learn about a variety of green topics here.
  • Challenge kids to take energy saving habits home with them.
  • As students get older, their understanding of electricity can and should increase.
  • Some students may consider careers in the field of electricity. There are several different jobs to consider. As an example, a certified journeyman electrician employed by Branham is a highly-skilled and educated professional. The IEC program takes four years to complete, and combines formal classroom instructions with on-the-job training. This includes 172 hours of classroom training per year, 8000 hours of on-the-job training with a one-to-one journeyman to apprentice ratio, 48 hours of lab time per year or 192-hours lab per certification, annual drug testing and OSHA 10 certification.

Whether teaching a kindergartner the basics of electrical safety or educating an electrician to be the best in the industry, there is much to learn. Branham Electric wishes you a very happy and successful school year.


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