Electrifying Facts


The 2016 Olympics in Rio are now in full swing. The Olympic games are currently the most talked about subject around water coolers and dining room tables across the globe. With that in mind, we’d like to share some information to “charge” up those conversations:

  • GE is the official provider of the products and services that keep the Olympics running. This is an all-encompassing job, which includes providing the best in medical imaging technology for injured athletes, as well as superior lighting for the events.
  • Rio has had some challenges in preparing for the games. Athletes and media personnel arrived to their respective villages to find problems with plumbing and electricity. In fact, 700 Australian athletes did not move in for two days due to safety concerns. We would have suggested that someone read up on choosing the right electrical contractor before the villages were built, and then choose a highly-skilled, professional company like Branham Electric.
  • A few athletes engage in shocking behavior and mean this literally. At least five Olympians participate in transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), which involves shooting a current into the brain’s motor cortex. The idea is that neurons will be boosted, making the athlete faster and stronger. This unproven technique is legal and is typically used only in training sessions, not before competitions.
  • The London Olympics in 2012 took great effort to be a green event, which included the use of recyclable building materials and natural lighting and ventilation. Rio is following suit, making a commitment to sustainability. In fact, green was the theme in the 2016 Opening Ceremonies.
  • As folks binge-watch the Olympics (instead of Netflix), energy usage is showing some unusual activity and fluctuations. For example, in the United Kingdom usage was down early in the opening ceremonies, as presumably people gathered around the TV instead of engaging in other things. Later on, when people would have normally been in bed, energy usage increased as they stayed up later to watch Olympic activities.

These tidbits will add to the many interesting conversations to happen as the Olympics progress. You can keep up on all things Olympics here. We wish you happy watching…and GO USA!

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