Celebrating International Women’s Day


Across the globe on March 8th, people celebrate International Women’s Day. It a celebration of the “social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” Branham Electric would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Dawn Schultz for the outstanding job she does for us each and every day.

Dawn started working for Branham Electric during the summers while she was in college. She joined us fulltime in 2006 as an accounts payable data entry clerk. Dawn learned the electrical contracting business quickly and today is our office manager. Her job description includes everything from answering incoming phone calls to providing exceptional customer service. Dawn also orders electrical materials, manages much of the company’s accounting, and assist with estimating. Needless to say, Dawn is an extremely valued member of Branham Electric’s team.

Dawn is just one of the numerous women in today’s electrical industry. To learn more, check out these articles featuring a few of our electrical industry’s present leaders and some of its future leaders.

As The New York times article said, as of March 2020, “In the United States, 2.5% of electricians are women and 9.5% of electrical contracting businesses are owned by women.” Today’s electrical industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Electricians are one of the highest paid trades. And job opportunities are endless. As many of the women in the above articles conveyed, being an electrician or running an electrical contracting business are both rewarding and prosperous professions.

It’s a trade where you’re doing something different every day. Where technology is ever changing. As an electrician, you always have something new and exciting to explore, learn and become an expert. Another exciting point of being an electrician is that you can “earn while you learn.” Learn more at, MyElectricCareer.com.

Thanks again Dawn for the fabulous job you do at Branham Electric.

Want to learn more above our company’s services or joining our team? Give us a call today, (636) 926-2001.

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