Lighting upgrades including lamps and ballast in St. Louis

Don’t be in the dark when it comes to lighting, and if you don’t know where to go or what to do for those all important questions and answers, you should contact an expert in energy efficient lighting in St. Louis.  Branham Electric is a company with just such expertise. This is your opportunity to save on energy while improving the all-important performance of your lighting system project. Although there are many do’s and don’ts in the industry, let’s focus on the do’s.

When looking to upgrade or when constructing a new business or apartment complex, look for the following:

  1. Professional assistance in making certain the retrofits improve the overall lighting presentation and performance.
  2. Guidelines and warranties for all products to be installed. Test your results.
  3. Focus on performance and design objectives in addition to pricing.

The following tips may be helpful in searching for the right lighting professional, especially in finding a qualified design/build electrical contractor for upgrades or new projects such as retail stores and apartment complexes.

  1. A qualified lighting contractor can assist you in testing different products, being assured of their results, therefore leading you into a sound investment.
  2. Your professional lighting specialist should have a checklist implementing your retrofit in a step by step process to avoid miscommunication.
  3. In addition to your desire to save energy in a retrofit or new construction, it is important to consider the quality of lighting since requirements for hospitals, schools and apartment complexes, for example, will vary.
  4. Pay attention to the ease with which ballast and lamps can be replaced in order to get a handle on maintenance costs.
  5. Finally, don’t assume what the utility increases will be.  Utility rebates will be available as of January 2, 2013, and be helpful in your quest for energy saving lighting.

So whether you are considering a large project, such as an apartment complex or retail store, or small personal projects and upgrades, locating the right contractor for your lamps and ballast needs in St. Louis is an all-important project in itself.  It will keep you out of the dark.

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