Energy Efficient Lighting in St. Louis

office-overhead-lighting-smTo promote energy efficient lighting in St Louis, acquaint yourself with the following facts:

• Lighting systems degenerate with time whilst still using the same amount of energy.
• By adopting efficient lighting you can reduce utility bills by 20 – 30%.
• Group lighting replacement not only saves on labor costs but improves productivity, safety, and morale.

Lighting Maintenance
Lighting uses 30% of the total electric used in commercial premises. At many commercial properties lighting maintenance does not exist apart from changing light bulbs. To promote energy efficient lighting in St Louis one should consider replacing all metal halide, high pressure, and mercury vapor interior fixtures with T5 and T8 fixtures, lamps and ballast. LED fixtures are also an excellent choice for reducing energy consumption with interior and exterior fixtures.

Proper maintenance should not be overlooked. Maintenance is also a key to reducing a facility’s utility cost. The aging of appliances is responsible for light dimming over time significantly reducing light quality.

Consider a written maintenance policy. This can serve as a guideline for day to day maintenance practices. It might include:
• Blueprints of the premises.
• Fixture and lighting control schedule.
• Specifications of all lighting equipment.
• Contacts of all equipment and service providers.
• The cleaning of fixtures and replacement schedule. Clean lights, lamps and lenses at least once every six months.
• Procedures for replacing lamps and cleaning fixtures. Replace yellowing lenses as they appear.
• Repaint rooms once every two to three years. Dull walls reduce light significantly.
• Procedures for the resetting of controls and occupancy sensors.
• An overview of lamp disposal.

Training is important to maintain energy efficient lighting in St Louis. Staff, need to be educated in proper lighting maintenance procedures. Staff also need to beware of different types of lighting. This should include a written overview of each employee’s role. Written document should take into account updates, policy changes and staff turnover.

Group Replacement
It is common for commercial premises to change lamps and bulbs as they burn out. Research has suggested this practice requires higher labor costs. Group replacement is recommended as it saves on labor costs and optimizes illumination. Group replacement is easier to schedule. Group replacement provides control and ensures the most efficient fixtures are used. This should include replacement lamps and lens cleaning. Group maintenance gives the opportunity to test lights on a regular basis to ensure their functionality.

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