Mom’s Best Advice

Mom's Best Advice

Mother’s Day is on the way! So much could be said about those special women who fill our lives with love, hugs, and wisdom. Many people look back at their childhood and realize how their mother’s advice helped them then and now.

Today, in honor of moms everywhere, we’re taking a look at some of the best pieces of advice she gave.

  • We’re not going to air condition the neighborhood! This piece of advice may have also come in the form of a question: Were you born in a barn? It meant that the door had been left open again, and the cool air was flowing out into the great big world. Mother knew that this was a large waste of energy and money. Take Mom’s advice a bit further and seal air leaks, replace inefficient doors and windows, and insulate well.
  • Every light in the house is on! If Mom came home and found that the lights had not been turned off, there was definitely going to be a lecture. Now that you pay the bills, the importance of turning off the lights when leaving the room is clear. Using energy efficient bulbs (link to 04/28 blog) will save even more money than mom ever imagined.
  • Always be prepared. It may be the motto of the Boy Scouts, but Mom said it too. She also lived it, always able to produce a bandage, a change of clothes, or extra food at dinnertime when needed. As a homeowner or a business owner, preparation is key. Being prepared for a major power outage, for example, can save time and money. Knowing who to call when there’s an emergency is also key; keep our number handy (we’ll wait while you enter it into your contact list) 636-926-2001 for all your emergency electrical service needs.
  • Safety first. Mom was always concerned about your safety. Likewise, Branham Electric invests in proper training and emphasizes safety at all levels.
  • A penny saved is a penny earned. Mom clipped coupons, reused everything, and kept all well maintained. Everyone in the family considered it part of their job to help save money. Branham Electric has a commitment to saving money as well, through energy efficiency and maintenance. Plus, we offer coupons.

We definitely learned a great deal from “Mom’s” advice. We wish you and all the special women in your life a very happy Mother’s Day!




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