Outlets and Switches

Are you in need of electrical outlet repair? Perhaps you are looking to update your home’s light switches? Either way, replacing or repairing outlets and switches is not for everyone. Aside from the risk of exposing yourself to shock or fire, the very system of cables and wires makes an outlet job seem intimidating. You certainly do not want to end up with a hazard in your home or a costly mistake which requires a professional to correct.

For those reasons, you may consider an electrical contractor in St. Louis to be a sound investment.

In terms of outlet replacement, it is first necessary to determine what type of equipment best suits the need. Your electrical contractor will tell you that an outlet consists of connections for two wires – a “hot” and a “neutral.” These two wires should never touch each other, but circumstances (like a rodent chewing through insulation) can cause that to happen. For frequently-used outlets like the ones in the kitchen, bathroom, or home exterior, a ground fault circuit interrupter – also called a GFI or GFCI – monitors the currents from hot and neutral. If it detects any irregularity, it will trip the circuit. This helps protect you from shock or fire.

You may also be looking to upgrade your light switches, instead of simply replacing them. Ask your St. Louis electrician about installing a dimmer. Additionally, there is new light switch technology that allows you to control the amount and duration of light coming from your fixtures, automatically activates light sources when people enter the room, and/or comes with hand-held remote controls.

Furthermore, thermostat replacement is a great option if your thermostat is more than 15 years old. Today’s affordable, programmable thermostats offer a range of energy-saving options, driven by sensors that control your HVAC’s circuitry. A qualified electrician is your best resource to install a programmable thermostat in your home. After that, you can set the thermostat to heat or cool your house just before you get home from work or use a “vacation” mode to save energy.

Between trips to the home-improvement center, tools to assemble, and all the printed schematics to follow, a do-it-yourself project can get time-consuming. A skilled, insured electrician brings the tools — and the experience — right to your home. If time and hassle are factoring into your design decisions, a St. Louis electrical contractor can be your single source for all your circuit and outlet jobs, as well as many related tasks, like fixing a drafty window or dealing with leaky faucets.

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