Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection


Whether you’re expanding your business or just beginning, choosing a building is an important decision. Location, layout, and cost likely top your list of considerations. However, it is vital to look at what’s behind the fixtures and walls. Invisible problems could delay a grand opening, bring business to a halt, or even cause injury or great financial loss. A thorough inspection is wise, and is usually required by the bank.

In many areas, it is becoming common for commercial property owners to obtain more detailed inspections prior to lease or purchase. These include a comprehensive review of the electrical systems.

  • Assessment of the current electrical capabilities of the building. This includes the system’s voltage and amperage capabilities, as well as whether Direct Current or Alternating Current is needed.
  • Comparison of the building’s capabilities with the needs of the new occupant.
  • Assessment of machinery or equipment that will remain in the building.
  • Verify proper wiring methods, including grounding and bonding.
  • Check for proper overcurrent protection.
  • Determination of whether the building meets not only the basic building codes, but also regulations specific to the new business.

While a basic inspection covers the safety and code requirements of any building, an electrical inspection can help the buyer enter into negotiations with a full knowledge of what will need to be done to bring the building up to par for their specific needs. A company familiar with commercial electrical systems can further provide information regarding the cost of the needed work. This information can be factored into the total budget, presenting a clearer picture of what the business will be facing as it begins or expands.

Branham Electric President, Candy Branham shares, “Branham Electric has been providing honest professional electrical contracting services to the St. Louis Metropolitan area for 25-years. Our electricians are highly trained. Most have been with our company for over 10-years. When you call Branham Electric you receive expert advice and fast solutions for all of your electrical wiring needs.” This experience makes Branham Electric the right choice for providing pre-purchase inspections for commercial buildings.






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