Proactive Electrical Maintenance


Branham helps identify problems before they occur.

Did you know proactive electrical maintenance and thermography  eliminates two-thirds of all potential machinery and electrical system failure. At Branham by Suburban Electrical Services we call this “Proactive” electrical maintenance because it gives facility owners’ “peace of mind.”

“In 2010, our main electrical service arc flashed. Branham Electric provided the repairs to our system. Since then, Branham has conducted our annual proactive electrical maintenance services. Their crews clean and do thermography on our facility’s complete electrical system. We get insurance discounts and “peace of mind” knowing we will not have to deal with another arc flash situation.”  Jim Scheer, Arizon Companies

Branham Electric was acquired by Suburban Electrical Services in September 2022. We are now, Branham by Suburban Electrical Services offering you the same honest, professional electrical contracting services you've grown to expect. Call us at (314) 426-3900 for prompt, affordable service when you need it. 

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Our proactive approach includes:
  • A custom designed program that addresses your specific electrical maintenance needs and concerns.
  • Cleaning and inspection Service — We inspect and clean designated critical electrical system components and power distribution then provide a written report of findings and suggestive action, which we review with your facility’s manager or owner.
  • Thermography Service We conduct infrared diagnostics of designated critical electrical system components and power distribution then delivery and review a written report of findings and suggestive action with the  facility’s manager or owner.
  • Systems Efficiency Testing and Verification Services We meter designated critical electrical systems to verify their efficiency including written report of findings reviewed with facility’s manager or owner.

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Click here to view a case study of an arc flash and fire repair completed by Branham Electric.

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