Take the Leap


This week, we had an extra day on the calendar. Though we all could sure use an extra day to catch up, for most of us, it was just another day – another Monday in fact. Tradition says that February 29 was a day on which a woman could propose and the chosen gentleman could not say no. While this is not needed or practiced in today’s society, the day is celebrated as a fortunate (or unfortunate) day to be born, as well as a day to score some good deals and discounts. Perhaps it simply provides us with something to celebrate.

In the spirit of Leap Year, we thought we’d challenge our friends to take a few leaps of their own. Try one of the following this week:

  • Leap it forward. You’ve heard of paying it forward, but let’s take it a step further. Challenge yourself to do one thing each day that will make someone smile. Make paying it forward a lifestyle, even if it’s just in small ways.
  • Leap into honoring those who have served. We are so blessed to live in a free country, thanks to those who have sacrificed and served. Take a moment to thank a veteran, and give back. We highly recommend supporting The Fisher House and The Greater St. Louis Honor Flight, two organizations that we have been honored to support.
  • Leap it better than you found it. Everywhere we go we have an opportunity to brighten the world, and make things cleaner, greener, and more beautiful.
  • Leap into savings. Speaking of greener, we can leave the world a better place by practicing energy efficiency. Changing to energy efficient appliances and light bulbs in your home is a great place to start. If you’re a business owner, we can help connect you with the savings with energy efficient conversions.
  • Leap into safety. We are committed to safely handling your electrical issues at home and at your business. Don’t take chances with DIY electrical renovations or repairs, and don’t neglect small problems that can become large issues if left unattended. We would be so happy to help you with this, and to help you save. Call us at 636-926-2001, and mention this blog for a 10% Leap Year Discount through the month of March.
  • Leap into connection. Branham Electric is committed to helping you finish this leap year strong as a homeowner, a business owner, and as an individual. Connect with us each week through our newsletter, blog, and social media. We have much information and inspiration to share.

Happy Leap Year, friends! We wish you much hoppy-ness. 😉



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