Fright Night Lights


In 2015, Americans spent nearly 7 billion dollars celebrating Halloween. Much of that was spent on candy and costumes of course, but one thing has changed over the years. The number of folks wiling to light up their homes and decorate for the Halloween holiday has grown tremendously. In fact, it is estimated that since 2005, there has been over 10% rise in spending for the holiday, much of which can be attributed to the increased availability of decorations.

What does this mean for the average homeowner or business owner who wants to light up their spooky hauntings? It means that there needs to be an increased awareness of both safety and efficiency, so that having a safe and fun Halloween doesn’t bust the budget. You certainly don’t want to run out of money for candy, right?

With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your Halloween from being the wrong kind of scary.

  • Follow the directions. It really is that simple. If a decoration or light strand is designated for indoor use, keep it inside. Likewise, outdoor lights don’t belong indoors, as they can get too hot. Keep lights and cords away from water. Also take care to keep your walkways clear and well lit, so that no one gets hurt.
  • Before you put your decorations up, make sure there are no cracks or frayed spots in the wiring. Don’t use staples or nails to hang wires. Even if everything is in good shape when you decorate, keep an eye on it all to make sure that damage from weather, animals, etc., does not occur.
  • Don’t overload. You know not to plug too many appliances into one outlet. Also, too many strands of lights together can present a danger. In general, use only 80% of the Amp capacity.
  • Use the season to your advantage. If you’re concerned that decorating will add much to your energy budget, try to cut usage elsewhere. For example, many people throw open the windows this time of year. Consider using a programmable thermostat to keep your home from getting too warm (or cool) as the temperature fluctuates. Use fans when you’re in the room, or head outside. This is a great time of year to cut your heating and cooling costs.
  • Choose lights wisely. Consider LED lights that use much less energy and stay cool to the touch. They cost more up front, but can last much longer.

Branham Electric wishes you a very happy and spooky Halloween season.


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