Kitchen Renovations and Electrical Outlets

Kitchen Renovations and Electrical Outlets

Kitchen renovations and electrical outlets go hand-in-hand. Whether you are planning a full kitchen renovation, or just trying to make simple changes to your existing kitchen, the placement of your electrical outlets is key to the form and function of the area. There are plenty of things that you have to consider when it comes to outlet placement, such as the aesthetics of your kitchen, the space available, the routing of existing electrical supplies, and the way you intend to use the space. As such, for many people, the first step in this process will have to be contacting an electrician. St. Louis, MO is known for homes that are packed with quality features, and the kitchen should be no exception.

Your Kitchen Style

Many sleek, modern kitchens have designated cabinet space for the storage of small appliances; this allows you to keep all your gadgets handy without the trailing cables and unsightly plugs cluttering your clean space. Even though a designated appliance space is not always practical, a trained electrician can certainly work with you to minimize the impact that outlets have on the aesthetic of your kitchen. For example, placing concealed outlets under the kitchen cabinets can minimize clutter and maximize the flexibility of your space.

Functional Space in the Kitchen

For most kitchens, the top concern is maximizing functional space. A vast expanse of counter, or a stylish central island, is useless in a kitchen without adequately placed outlets. Therefore, to make the most of the space you have, you will want to consider what tasks you are likely to do in which areas.

  • Where will you use small electrical gadgets?
  • Where do you want to install the microwave?
  • Is there a space for your computer?

Careful consideration of placement at the start avoids a world of frustration further down the road, especially when it comes to the outlets. As with many home improvement tasks, planning ahead and looking at the entire design of the kitchen will save you headaches (and likely cash) in the long run. For example, if you’re doing a renovation and adding a central island, you will need to consult with an electrician to determine the best path for routing the electrics to the island. Failure to consider this at the start of your plans may mean ripping up the floor, resetting the counter tops, or a number of other costly jobs. Luckily, for those in need of a qualified electrician to help with this process, St. Louis has the one-source service of Branham by Suburban Electrical Services.

Electrical Outlet Considerations

In conclusion, before committing yourself to any specific outlet placements, it is important to consult with a qualified electrician. St. Louis, like most suburban areas, has particular codes and regulations for electrical work in residential dwellings, as well as commercial spaces. Your local, certified electrician will be able to help you determine the best outlet placement to meet your needs while keeping within regional regulations.

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